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'Yoga Without Boundaries' project is gaining momentum

'Yoga Without Boundaries' project is gaining momentum

Livestream classes in the frame of the project ‘Yoga without boundaries’ are offered in two languages: English and Russian. The project was started with a marathon ‘Five days with the best female Iyengar yoga teachers in Russia’ hold by the well-known yoga instructors in Russia: Elena Ul’masbaeva, Maria Shatlanova, Natalya Luzhanskaya, Elena Zubakina and Olga Makurina. In three months, we have hold four more marathons with Senior Iyengar yoga teachers in Russia: Vitaly Litvinov, Sergey Ugrumov, Igor Podmazin, Alexey Bolotov and Inessa Mash’yanova.

To make our project more international, we also started to offer livestream classes tough by foreign yoga teachers.Thus, Devki Desai, who is a student of Sri B.K.S Iyengar, became the first foreign instructor invited to our project and hold one session on the topic of ‘Importance of Asanas in Yoga’. Shortly thereafter, we had a chance to invite to our project one of the best yoga teachers in the world - David Meloni, who is a holder of the maximum level certificate ‘Senior Advanced 2’. In the frame of our project, David presented two cycles of livestream classes on the following topics: ‘Deep understanding of the connection between lower and upper parts of the body’ and ‘In-depth study of yoga practice for hips and hips joints’.

Since the start of the project, we had more than 1,500 participants taking part in our livestream classes. The project, which was first started offering livestreams on Instagram, just in three months, developed into the full-fledged platform of direct livestreams with personalised access on Vimeo and excellent customer service! All this became possible by the project team of four people: Petr Chernenko, Veronika Shadnova, Asya Golubichnaya and Asya Staritsina. Interpreters and translators of the project: Maria Melanishina, Maria Egorcheva and Valeriya Tavotova.

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